Mar 18, 2023

Flower Show in LSR: 2023

The University of Delhi hosted its 65th Annual Flower Show on the 2nd of March, 2023, from 12:00 to 5:00 PM. Lady Shri Ram College for Women, adorned with resplendent flowers and exotic plants, was glimmering with exuberance to celebrate the flower show. Flowers of all shades and plants of all varieties decked up the college’s front and back lawns. The rock gardens looked equally appealing. The opening up of the lawns along with the sight of flowers in full bloom was a testament to the true spirit of spring, with many stating that spring had finally arrived in LSR. The beautiful display reflected the year round efforts put in by the college gardeners, caretakers and students. To add to the vision of the lush green lawns and prismatic flora, all the departments were allotted different trees in the campus that were decorated by the students. The decorated trees certainly added to the beauty of the campus.

LSR once again was the recipient of the renowned ‘Green Cup’ for the best greenery and cleanliness in the University. Along with the Green Cup, the college was also awarded the following prizes in the 65th Annual Flower Show:

   Department of Geography Cup: For the best flowering trees, shrubs and climbers in the garden under Category A, Class IV

   Department of Persian Cup: For the best garden of a College and Horticulture Department of NCR under Category A, Class V

   Deshbandhu College Cup: For the best lawn among the Institutes, Colleges, Horticulture Departments of the NCR, under Category A, Class VI

    Indian School of International Studies Cup: For the highest aggregate marks under Category F, Class IV

   Manju Gupta Cup: For the best exhibit of Marriage Decoration under Category D, Section 4

   Flower Show Committee Cup: For the best Rangoli under Category D, Category D, Section 5

   Golden Jubilee Year Cup: For the best artistic floral display under Category D, Sections 1-2

-Report by Jhanvi Negi (Batch of 2023)

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