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Delhi Police: Podcasts: Kissa Khaki Ka: Episode 86: World Podcasting Day

Nov 10, 2022

Delhi Police: Podcasts: Kissa Khaki Ka: Episode 45

  Promo of Episode 45:

Forty-Fifth Episode of Kissa Khaki Ka: Released on 6 November 2022:

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Vaanya Shukla said...

Cyber Crimes are like a dark and sinister force that preys on people’s fears and weaknesses. They expose people to a world of danger and uncertainty, where an unseen and ruthless enemy lurks behind every screen. Many unsuspecting people fall into their traps and suffer terrible losses. But not this time. This time, the intelligent and innovative team of #delhipolice turned the tables on the fraudster and made him taste his own medicine. Kudos to them for solving this crime with precision and a quick call to action. Thank you #KissaKhakiKa and Dr #VartikaNanda for sharing such stories of true dedication and valor in this first-ever #podcast series run by a police department.