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Delhi Police: Podcasts: Kissa Khaki Ka: Episode 49

Dec 9, 2022

Delhi Police: Podcasts: Kissa Khaki Ka: Episode 49

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Forty-Ninth Episode of Kissa Khaki Ka: Released on 4 December 2022:

Delhi Police: Podcasts: Kissa Khaki Ka: Episode 48

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Forty-Eighth Episode of Kissa Khaki Ka: Released on 27 November 2022:

Weekly Class Report: Introduction to Broadcast Media

 14th - 18th October, 2022

Introduction to Broadcast Media

The week started with a revision of the format of writing for television broadcasts. Dr. Nanda assigned the class the task of creating a news story about the freshers on campus. The class was divided into four groups and the news stories were shot on campus. 

The students showed the prepared news stories according to the assigned groups. Each of those was screened for the class. Dr. Nanda then asked the class to carefully analyze each of the stories and try to figure out what sections they needed improvement in. She then gave her feedback on how to improve their stories. 

The students were then asked to create another news story on the same topic so as to be able to track the progress and changes in their script and style. 

A lecture was held to allow the students to work on their script writing skills. Concerns were addressed and questions were answered regarding the same. The class was asked to research current affairs for a discussion in the following week. 

Report by 
Stuti Garg
CR - Batch 2024

Nov 22, 2022

Delhi Police: Podcasts: Kissa Khaki Ka: Episode 47

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Forty-Seventh Episode of Kissa Khaki Ka: Released on 20 November 2022:

Nov 16, 2022

Delhi Police: Podcasts: Kissa Khaki Ka: Episode 46

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Forty-Sixth Episode of Kissa Khaki Ka: Released on 13 November 2022:

Nov 10, 2022

Delhi Police: Podcasts: Kissa Khaki Ka: Episode 45

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Forty-Fifth Episode of Kissa Khaki Ka: Released on 6 November 2022:

Gomti Book Festival, Lucknow: National Book Trust

Gomti Book Festival, Lucknow: National Book Trust: 5 November, 2022: Different strokes of public and private FM radios with RJ Prateek, RJ Ginnie and Anupam Pathak.

National Book Trust India (NBT-India) organized the first edition of Gomti Book Festival in Lucknow on the serene backdrop of Gomti Riverfront Park – from 29th Oct to 6 Nov 2022. Spread across more than 1000 sq.m., this book festival presented the best elements of a Book Fair and a Literary Festival with Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsava as the core theme, and with NEP 2020 and YUVA Scheme as the sub-themes.


Nov 7, 2022

Conversation with prison officers at State Institute of Correctional Administration (SICA)

2022: 3 November: Conversation with prison officers at State Institute of Correctional Administration (SICA), Hyderabad, Telangana: Attended by 158 delegates of Delhi Prisons (Tihar and Mandoli).

Nov 4, 2022

Laadli Media Award: Tinka Tinka Jail Radio

2nd November 2022

Tinka Tinka Prison Radio is honoured with the Laadli Media Award in Hyderabad in the Hindi category of Web Podcasts. The award was given for episode 11 of Tinka Tinka Jail Radio Podcast titled ‘Holi and Karnal Jail Radio’. This was broadcast on March 29, 2021.

The episode focused on the dry-run of Jail Radio in District Jail, Karnal, undertaken by 10 inmate-turned-RJs of the jail. These inmates were a part of the radio skill production training programme, included in the broad prison radio training project in the state of Haryana. The training was intended to carve Radio Jockeys from the league of inmates and prepare them to run their own radio stations from behind the prison bars.  Audition, training and execution of prison radio in Haryana is done by prison reformer Dr. Vartika Nanda. She heads the Department of Journalism in Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University.  She was conferred Stri Shakti Award by the President of India in 2014. This is the highest civilian award for women empowerment in India. 

Tinka Tinka Jail Radio Podcasts are an exclusive audio series for jails across India. These podcasts are the only podcasts in India solely dedicated to prison reforms in the country and aim to bring about a positive change in prisons. With no financial support, these podcasts. which began in 2020, have been successful in highlighting original voices of inmates from different prisons of the country. Conceptualised, scripted and voiced by Dr. Vartika Nanda, these podcasts are freely available on Tinka Tinka Foundation’s YouTube channel: Tinka Tinka Prison Reforms.

Laadli Media Awards is an initiative of the Laadli group which works with media to change the way India thinks about its women and releases annual Media and Advertising awards for Gender Sensitivity. This was the 12th year of such awards.

Award winning category:  Episode 11: Holi and Karnal Jail Radio: Vartika Nanda

Tinka Tinka Jail Radio: Ep 11: Holi and Karnal Jail Radio: Vartika Nanda - YouTube

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Nov 2, 2022

Tinka Tinka Jail Radio: Episode 50: Haryana Day: Voices behind Bars

तिनका तिनका जेल रेडियो जेलों में इंद्रधनुष बनाने की कोशिश करता है। आज यह हमारा 50वां अंक है। रंगों, आवाजों और कलम के जरिए जेलों को संवारने के इस यज्ञ में हरियाणा की जेलों ने खूब साथ दिया है। इन जेलों की तरफ से आज हरियाणा राज्य को हरियाणा दिवस मुबारक। तिनका जेल रेडियो के आज के अंक का ऑडियो संपादन सुखनंदन बिंद्रा ने किया है। शुरुआती की एपिसोड हर्ष वर्धन ने संपादित किए। आज के इस 50वें अंक के बाद तिनका जेल रेडियो एक पहल की घोषणा करेगा। 

Tinka Tinka Jail Radio completes its 50th episode today. These podcasts are the ONLY podcasts in India that revolve around the issues of prison reforms. These are neither sponsored nor funded. These come from the heart and are disseminated to the audience that listens to it with equal passion. Started on a very emotional note in 2020, delighted to share that this spiritual journey has enlightened us in many ways.

Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/-mxXEriqe2g