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Delhi Police:Bharat Darshan

Jun 29, 2022

Delhi Police:Bharat Darshan

Shri Rakesh Asthana (Commissioner of Police, Delhi) hosted a group of children from Jammu & Kashmir at Police Headquarters on 29 May, 2022 at the Delhi Police Headquarters. 44 children from Srinagar Dist, are on “Bharat Darshan” Tour organised by the Jammu and Kashmir Police. 

Media Research Cell: A World Without Journalism


Jun 28, 2022

The Blog: Why We Do What We Do

Journalism is a vast discipline wherein learning goes on for life. The discipline of journalism is all about providing accurate and timely information. The blog, www.vartikananda.blogspot.com was initiated by Dr. Vartika Nanda in 2006. This blog has progressed rapidly over the years and continues to deliver quality content and cater to its audience. Being a reservoir of information, the blog covers events, terminologies, and research in the context of Journalism and Mass Communication. 

A major part of the blog is dedicated to assist journalism students academically. A systematic collection of notes, class reports, event reports, information about the Media and Research cell, and the students’ contribution is available on the blog. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the blog proved to be a valuable asset to journalism students in terms of academic assistance. Those who were denied the privilege of stable internet connection, turned to the blog for hassle-free exam preparation.  All the notes and readings linked to the syllabus like Introduction to Journalism, Reporting and Editing in Print and Media Laws and Ethics, are available and updated. It also features the Media Research Cell section started in 2021, which aims at enabling students in media research and associated skills. Thus, this blog is a product of creativity, hard work and extensive research. 

Another chunk of the blog covers the exemplary work done by Tinka Tinka Prison Research Cell pertaining to Journalism and prison reform. The extensive field work done by Tinka Tinka, podcasts, Tinka Tinka Jail Radio, and Awards bestowed upon Tinka Tinka are covered on the blog as well. The blog serves as a medium of valuable information, but also a chest of memories for students who have graduated, and will for students to come in the future.

Disha Kumar

Batch of 2024

Department of Journalism

Lady Shri Ram College for Women

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Spectrum 2017: Department of Journalism


The annual academic publication of department of journalism, Lady Shri Ram College for Women by the students of batch of 2017.

Spectrum 2012: Department of Journalism

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Spectrum 2009: LSR Department of Journalism


This is a glimpse of annual publication of department of journalism, Lady Shri Ram College For Women, by the students of batch of 2009.