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May 2, 2022


Date: 27th April, 2022

Topic: Farewell for the batch of 2022

One of the hardest things to say in life is goodbye. Three years have passed and it’s time for the batch of 2022 to bid adieu to the college. To celebrate this moment, farewell was organized by the new union, Puja Bhuyan(President), Namrata Verma(General Secretary) and Abhishri Agarwal(Treasurer), of Journalism Department along with the first and the second years. Even though the student body was short of time, they pulled an amazing farewell for their seniors. The event was organized on the 27th of April at 12:30 pm at the Journalism Department’s gazebo.

Preparations for the farewell

The hosts, Ashmi Jain and Nandini Rikhee, set the farewell program into motion by inviting the seniors for a ramp walk. All of them were draped in sarees and it was absolutely a sight to behold. They were welcomed with red roses. 

The ramp walk proved to be a hit and so was the song ‘The city of Stars’ sung by Apurva Gauri, a third year student remembering her college days. Followed by this Nishita Sinha and Deepshikha presented solo dance performances.

Song by Apurva Gouri and dance performances by Nishita and Deepshika

After the performances, the floor was opened for the faculty to deliver their message to the seniors. Ms. Suruchi Shirish Parikh and Ms. Pushpalatha expressed their happiness for the batch of 2022 and showered blessings on them for their future endeavors. 

Ms. Sneha Bhati recited a poem ‘kabhi alvida na kehna’ along with her speech which touched every student’s heart. Ms. Violet Barman Deka started her speech on a light note by saying ‘how it’s easy to teach syllabus to students but very difficult to give a speech when her heart is already so full’. Dr. Vartika Nanda, the HOD, took over and delivered an inspiring speech for all the batches. She shared her experiences and also assured to guide them at every step further. 

To lighten up the atmosphere, a game was organized for the seniors wherein they had to guess the Bollywood song from its English translation and all of them participated enthusiastically. Later on, a group dance was performed by first and second year students-Kriti, Ananya Nair, Riya, Anusha, Hema, Deepshika, Ishita Kisku, Aastha, Manisha and Nishita. They nailed the performance in such a way that the audience couldn’t resist themselves from dancing along. 

 Group dance 

The Game 

The hosts invited seniors on to the stage to share their experiences or the moments that they cherished a lot from their college life. All of them opened up their hearts and spoke up. The former President of the department, Anushree Mukherjee, thanked all the people for making her college life a memorable one. Samridhi, another 3rd year student, became very emotional while saying how grateful she was to the college and the faculty for shaping her career and for making her more confident and braver. It was heartening that even the faculty and the audience were moved to tears. Some others shared how college turned into their home and how the department became a family to them. Few of them expressed their feelings through poems and songs. The seniors even took the blessings of the teachers so that they can move forward in their future with the same spirit. 

The buzz around us was ramp walk, zero missed that event and were equally excited for the results. And it was quite demanding for scooping up the winner as each of them were looking outstanding in their own way. There were five awards in total. The first one was for the ‘The best dressed one’ which was awarded to Drishti Hajong, the second one was for the ‘The most elegant girl’ and it was given to Prakriti Bhanot, the third one was for ‘The best smile’ which was given to Soumya Rawat, the fourth one was ‘The most confident one’ which was won by Muskan Singh and the last award was the one with all the above-mentioned qualities and as expected Anushree Mukherjee was the ‘winner’. 

Awards for ramp walk winners

A part of the event also included photo session for the seniors and many aesthetic pictures were clicked by Ananya Nair and Shivangi Joshi. The event came to an end with this and all of them had fun with music and dance. All we could say to the batch of 2022 is not a goodbye but a promise that we’ll see you later. It was a day filled with many emotions altogether and no wonder it has become one of the most memorable days in the journey of LSR.

A big shoutout to the Aesthetics team consisting of first year students - Anakha, Anusha, Ananya Sharma, Riya, Komal, Amani, Ishita kisku, Manisha, Stuti, Vaishali, Nishita, Ishita Bhalla and second year students for the decorations and last-minute arrangements that had to be done. 


Every ending has a new beginning. On 27th April 2022, students of Journalism at Lady Shri Ram College bid farewell to the batch of 2022.  LSR was sparkled with joy and beauty of the beautiful girls who are now going to spread their glitter in the world. We were happy to have these beautiful girls with us for 3 years and now it's time for us to say goodbye. 
The event was a success with the ramp walk entry, solo dance performances, group dance performance and enlightening words of the  faculty.


Batch of 2022

 (Agrima Gulathi, Akshita Chugh, Ananya Goel, Anjali Singh, Anushree Mukherjee, Apurva Gouri, Arunima Sharma, Arya Krishnan, Chestha Bhatia, Deepika Saini, Devika Shah, Disha Arya, Drishti Hajong, Gaurvi Tanmay Narang, Haania, Harshita Solanki, Himani Jindal, Ishva Praveen, Komal Singh, Lakkimsetty Sivapranathi, Malaq Tariq, Monika Bhandari, Muskan Singh, Muskan Verma, Nandini Gautam, Nandini Sethi, Palomi Gupta, Parvathy R, Prakriti Bhanot, Riya Mohan, Riya Verma, Samridhi Chugh, Shivangi Chopra, Shreya Ghosh, Somya Jain, Sonal Agarwal, Soumyaa Rawat, Sukriti Taneja, Surbhi Gupta, Utkarsha Ahirwar, Vasudha Raina)


Compiled and Edited by:

Ashmi Jain
Bhopathi Hema
Amani Fathima



Unknown said...

Our super-seniors have been extremely supportive throughout our time in college, giving us a much-needed helping hand while we navigated our way around LSR. We wish them good luck and godspeed in their future endeavors. They will be missed!

Ashmi said...

Our seniors are so sweet and talented and they looked so beautiful in those sarees.
Thankyou seniors for supporting and guiding us.. we will miss you ❤️🥹

Anonymous said...

Adorable seniors ♥️ You will all be missed

Anonymous said...

The most understanding and precious seniors one can ever have. I am blessed to have you all as my seniors. Wishing you all the luck and prosperity for your future- Riya Upadhyaya

Anonymous said...

We will miss you all❤️

Gayathri said...

First of all thankyouu for being with us ! Yes you guys were the best seniors! Wishing you all the very best for every steps in your journey!

Stuti Garg said...

Our seniors have been such a force to reckon. They helped us so much in the few weeks that they had with us. Wish them nothing but the best in their lives.

Amani Fathima said...

I would like to wish them all with bright career and peaceful life. They shows us a better path to follow. And motivated us to move on .

Ananya Sharma said...

We have been fortunate to be guided by very helpful and caring seniors. Will miss them! I wish them success and happiness in their future endeavours.

Anonymous said...

Overall the farewell was good.I like to hear our seniors story and their experiences before and after coming in the college.Their experience in college gave us motivation to work hard and honest to your work.But I can't see their tears as they were leaving the college in few days.Our seniors are very good in nature and helpful also.

Unknown said...

Our seniors have been extremely patient and nurturing. They have guided us every step of the way and have been more than willing to help us with anything, be it academic or otherwise. I am grateful to have known them and be able to take away so much from them.

Unknown said...

As a first-year, it's challenging to navigate through college, but I am thankful to our seniors who fully encouraged us to take up opportunities, guided us, and made us comfortable. We only had a short amount of time for interaction, but it was always insightful and fun to work with the seniors. Wishing them all the best!!

Unknown said...

I feel very glad to be a part of the event and yes, as the title says, this is not the end but a new beginning to our seniors who left the college. Everyone of us would be in that situation and experience the same.

Unknown said...

It was such an amazing and emotional day for all of us, the seniors, teachers and juniors as well. Looking back to their LSR journey by sharing all the lovely memories they made on their most momentous day and how grateful they'll always be for these three years. Growing as an individual, coming out of their comfort zones and becoming more confident was something they all shared in common. At last, we give these beautiful souls a farewell on a positive note to do and achieve what they want in life by working hard with an optimistic attitude.

Shraddha said...

All our Seniors were loving and supportive. They help each one of us to start a wonderful journey in lsr. Will terribly miss each one of them.

Anonymous said...

Rather than just saying you guys will be missed, I'd say you will always have a certain place in our academic life that we won’t ever forget you.It was such a great experience to interact with you and learn from you.Wish you the very best in your lives.

Unknown said...

So inspired by our hardworking seniors! Go #ClassOf2022