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Sep 11, 2023

Tinka Tinka Foundation represented India at 7th ECREA Radio and Sound Conference in Spain

September 9, 2023

Tinka Tinka Foundation represented India at the 7th ECREA Radio and Sound Conference in Barcelona, Spain.

International Conference on Radio with worldwide participation

Vartika Nanda, Founder of, the Tinka Tinka Foundation shared action-oriented research findings related to the impact of music on prison inmates.

Special mention was made of Haryana Jail Radio in India, initiated by the Tinka Tinka Foundation in Barcelona, Spain. Tinka Tinka Foundation proudly represented India at the prestigious 7th ECREA Radio and Sound Conference, held from September 6th to 8th, 2023, in Barcelona, Spain. 

The theme of the Conference for this year was 'Radio and Sound Ecosystems in the Platform Age.' Dr. Vartika Nanda, the founder of the Tinka Tinka Foundation, delivered a detailed presentation on "Music on Prison Radio: Impact of Tinka Jail Radio on Inmates in Sonipat Prison, Haryana, India", in the panel on "Incarcerated sounds: Making Radio within the prison ecosystem." 

Tinka Model of Prison Radio:

During the presentation, Dr. Nanda introduced the Tinka Tinka Foundation, a non-profit initiative, and discussed the 'Tinka Model of Prison Radio' which has created systematic prison radios in District Jails of Agra (Uttar Pradesh), Dehradun (Uttarakhand), and the jails of Haryana. As a case study, Dr. Nanda highlighted the concept of Tinka Jail Radio, its process, and its impact on inmates, with special reference to District Jail, Sonipat. Sonipat is a small town in Haryana, situated close to the Indian capital New Delhi. 

The captivated audience also gained valuable insights into the regular workings of the prison radio, the technical training provided to inmates, and the overwhelmingly positive response from both prison authorities and incarcerated individuals. 

This conference was organized by the European Communication and Research Association (ECREA), hosted by the Catalan Radio Observatory (GRISS-UAB) and the Department of Audio-visual Communication and Advertising of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain), from 6 to 8 September 2023 in Barcelona (Spain).

 Journey of Tinka Jail Radio: 

The journey of prison radio began at District Jail, Agra, in Uttar Pradesh in 2019. After an overwhelmingly positive response, the initiative branched out to the jails of Haryana and Dehradun in Uttarakhand. Tinka Tinka Foundation has already started prison radios in 10 out of 20 jails of Haryana. These in-house radio stations are fully run by inmates, 

Apart from this, Tinka Tinka also runs Tinka Jail Radio podcasts, which are the only podcasts in India that are solely dedicated to prison reforms. These are conceptualized, scripted, and voiced by Vartika Nanda. Recently, Tinka Jail Radio podcast released a musical creation "Har Haal Raho Khushaal," which is sung by five inmates incarcerated in District Jail, Sonipat (Episode 71 of Tinka Jail Radio).

Link: Tinka Tinka Jail Radio। Episode 71। Music on Prison Radio। District Jail, Sonipat: Vartika Nanda - YouTube

These podcasts are available on YouTube and Spotify. These podcasts are conceived, narrated, and produced by Dr. Vartika Nanda. 

Impact of Tinka Jail Radio:

Tinka Jail radio has helped immensely in improving the mental and physical well-being of incarcerated individuals in Indian prisons. Moreover, the skill-building activities and training have enabled the inmates to hone their creativity and turn a fresh page. Tinka's model of prison radio is trying to fulfill the communication needs of inmates and bring the stories of prison to the general public. 

Tinka Tinka Foundation in Norway:

In addition to the recent representation in Spain, Tinka Tinka made its mark on the global stage by representing India at the first International Prison Radio Conference in Oslo, Norway, on June 15, 2022. The conference, organized by the Prison Radio Association in collaboration with the Directorate of Norwegian Correctional Services, was a historic event, bringing together participants from over 20 countries. It was aimed at facilitating global knowledge and experience-sharing on the potential of jail radio in humanizing prisons and rehabilitating inmates. Her elaborate presentation included an overview of prison radio in India and details of prison radio initiatives implemented by the Tinka Tinka Foundation.

Tinka Jail Foundation:

Tinka Tinka Foundation is a public charitable trust devoted towards prison reforms. Link: Milestones - Tinka Tinka Prison Reforms 

Its Founder, Vartika Nanda, is the Head of the Journalism Department at Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi. She was given the Stri Shakti Award by the President of India in 2014 for her pioneering work.  Her three books on prison reforms- Tinka Tinka Tihar, Tinka Tinka Dasna and Tinka Tinka Madhya Pradesh are considered to be the authentic versions of prison life. Interestingly, Tinka Tinka Tihar is completing 10 years this month. 

Vartika Nanda has also worked extensively on a special research study for ICSSR in 2020 on the ‘Communication needs of women and children in Indian jails with special reference to prisons in Uttar Pradesh’. This report was evaluated as OUTSTANDING. Vartika Nanda - Wikipedia  She is also the official storyteller of Delhi Police, narrating Kissa Khaki Ka, the only podcast series run by any police department in India. Her name has appeared in the Limca Book of Records twice, for her unique contribution to prison reforms, which was also taken due cognizance by the Supreme Court of India in 2018. 

Gratitude for the work represented in Barcelona, Spain:

Haryana: Mohammad Akil (IPS), DG, Prisons, Haryana, Rajender Kumar,  Superintendent, District Jail, Sonipat and Kishori Lal, Assistant Superintendent, District Jail, Sonipat

Uttarakhand: Vimla Gunjyal, Deputy Inspector General of Prisons and Dadhiram, Senior Superintendent, Uttarakhand Prisons and Pavan Kothari. Jailor, District Jail, Dehradun. 

Tinka Tinka Team: Anurag Kshirsagar and Harsh Vardhan

Panel: Incarcerated sounds: Making radio within the prison ecosystem

Venue:  UAB Casa Convalescència, Barcelona, Spain


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