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May 23, 2023

2023: Students of Urdu Journalism, IIMC, visit DD News

The students of Urdu journalism from IIMC (Indian Institute of Mass Communication) had the opportunity to visit DD News in New Delhi on May 10 2023. DD News, also known as Doordarshan News, is a renowned news channel in India and is the flagship channel of Doordarshan, under Prasar Bharti the national public broadcaster.

Visiting a prominent news organization like DD News provides students with valuable insights into the field of journalism, specifically focusing on Urdu journalism. The students were taken around by the very experienced Deputy Director (News) Shri Sanjay Pratap Singh and  popular Assistant Director (News) Shri Manoj Roorkiwal. DD News has a dedicated special Desk for Urdu News and Programmes. The students had the opportunity to observe the news production process, interact with journalists and news anchors, and gain a better understanding of how news is disseminated in the Urdu language. In the process, they visited Newsroom, Production Control Room, and the two majestic studios where they met the Bulletin Editors, technicians, cameramen, lighting assistants, and other important functionaries involved tirelessly in the production of news.

The visit was organized to expose students to real-world media environments and to give them a glimpse of the professional practices followed in the industry. It allowed them to see the application of theoretical knowledge in a practical setting and provided them with networking opportunities.

Through the visit at DD News, the students learned about the role of Urdu journalism in the media landscape of India and gained exposure to the challenges and opportunities specific to the field. They also learned about the importance of language and cultural sensitivity in reporting news to a diverse audience.

Overall, visiting DD News was a valuable experience for the students of Urdu journalism from IIMC, helping them broaden their understanding of the industry and potentially inspiring them in their future careers as journalists. The visit ended on a happy note with a customary group photograph with the gigantic Doordarshan logo at the headquarters.

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