Aug 25, 2009

Suggested Readings for Students (E)

59. Surviving in the Newspaper Business --------Jane Willis
60. Strategic Newspaper Management -----------Conard C Fink
61. Indian Broadcasting --------------------------H. R. Luthra
62. Social Research 000000000000000000----S R Vajpayee
63. Doing Your Research Project 0000000000--Judith Bell
64. Research Methodology000000000000000--C R Kothari

-00Methods & Techniques
65. Research Methodology in Social Sciences 000Sandhu & Singh
66. Communication & Research 000000000000V P Michael

000for Management
67. Research in Mass Media ----------------------S R Sharma & Anil Chaturvedi
68. Research-How to Plan, 000000000000000Clifford Hawkins & Marco Sorgi

000Speak & Write About it
69. Cyberspace Aur Media -------------------------Sudhir Pachauri
70. Fundamentals of Information Technology -9Deepak Bharihoke
71. Multimedia Systems ---------------------------Agarwal & Tiwari
72. IT in the new millenium -----------------------V D Dudeja
73. IT ------------------------------------------------S L Sah
74. Electronic Media & the Internet ---------------Y K D’souza
75. Many Voices One World -----------------------UNESCO
76. Facts of Life -------------------------------------A Communication Challenge UNICEF, India-1993
77. The Media & Modernity 0000000000000==John B Thompson, 1995
78. Mass Communication Perspective 00000000Uma Narula
79. Globalisation 0000000000000000000000--Albrowm & King E
80. Technology & Communication Behaviour 00Belmont C A Wadsworth

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