Aug 30, 2009

Suggested Readings for Students (D)

50. Comprehension, Precise & Paragraph Writing 0-L Shaffer

51. Dictionary of Modern English Usage 0000000--G Davison

52. Strengthen Your Writing 00000000000000-----Narayanaswami

53. Improve Your Word Power 0000000000000----R Birley

54. Plain English Guide 000000000000000000-----M Cutts

55. Paragraph Writing for All 00000000000000----G K Puri

56. Developing Writing Skills in English 00000000-S K M angal

56. Dictionary Confusible Words0000000000000-G Davidson

57. Foundations of Politics00000000000000000--Andrew Heywood

58. State & Politics in India000000000000000---Edited by Parth Chatterjee

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harsh said...

Aapki kavita bahut achichi hai (jindagi.....)
harsh chaturvedi